Friday, August 3

The only thing bigger is the sky...

Traveling: I-10 West to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Big sky everywhere. Burning with blue. Then, big enough to see more than five storms falling.

Zeb Calloway: I remember once there being a trapper named Parker. He run smack into a big grizzly bear. The bear sure made a mess out of Parker before we killed it. Ripped one of his ears clear off. But this child just happened to have a needle and some of this deer sinew, just like we got here. Yeah, while his ear was still hot, I picked it up and sewed it back on his head. And it growed most as good as ever.

[...] I said growed most as good as ever. Not hardly. It seems I sewed Parker's ear on backwards. Yeah, he hated me until the day he died, on account of every time he heared a rattlesnake, he'd turn the wrong direction and step smack into it!
From the film The Big Sky (1952), directed by Howard Hawks, based on the novel of the same name by A.B. Guthrie Jr..