Wednesday, January 13

Burroughs on Wilson: Mind Parasites Will Now Destroy You

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When I first encountered Colin Wilson's The Mind Parasites, it made an indelible impression upon me. While it is certainly not one of the best books that I have ever read, it is one of the most influential. About halfway through, I remember calling up a friend and telling him, all serious, "This book is an allegory for the crisis of Modern Man. The Mind Parasite are real!"

It is one of the few books that I consistently reread, partly to remind myself of how fired it got me when I first encountered it, but also because I still believe in its allegorical validity.

So it was refreshing to discover a review of The Mind Parasites by William Burroughs on the RealityStudio site. I've quoted a brief excerpt below. It is worth reading in its entirety.

There is considerable inferential evidence to indicate the actual existence of such a parasitic instance as this book postulates. An Italian sociologist said if you want to get to the bottom of any situation that seems on the surface inexplicable ask yourself the simple question ‘who profits?’ Who would profit from blocking every basic discovery about the human mind? Techniques are now available to alter consciousness and effect the hypothalamus directly. In a recent Mayfair article I described the experiments of doctor Miller who has demonstrated that any mammal can learn to control such seemingly involuntary processes as brain waves, blood pressure, rate of heart beats, his whole state of mind and body. Doctor Miller had great difficulty in raising funds for his experiments. The importance of these experiments was completely missed by the press. The means are at hand to conquer inner space but they are not being used. Despite impressive technical advances the planet is still in the stone age psychologically. Who would profit from turning the clock all the way back to the stone age and keeping man out of space? A parasitic entity that lives in the human body and could not survive space. Only in the last two hundred years have technological advances made space exploration a possibility. By maintaining control of inner space the parasites can block any discovery or destroy anyone who suspects their existence.
                  - William Burroughs